Swissalpine Davos

Distances 68 km / 43 km / 23 km / 9 km /
du 23/07/2021 au 25/07/2021
7270 Davos ( Suisse )
Organisateur : Swissalpine

Présentation de la course :

Picturesque landscapes, breathtaking panoramas amidst the Grisons mountains and varied, adventurous trails: The Swissalpine in Davos is captivating due to its unique, high-alpine scenery. Competitions over varying distances and various categories appeal to mountain runners and trail runners as well as casual runners. The spectrum in the Davos mountain landscape ranges from K68, the ultimate challenge, to the relaxed K10. The well-established and extremely popular K43 remains unchanged. The varied K23 from Klosters to Davos rounds off the wide-ranging offer. And the kids can already compete against each other on Friday in competitions over 0.5 to 1.4 kilometres. 

The participants will be vigorously cheered on by spectators and music groups en route.


Friday, 23.07.2021: Kids-Race

Saturday, 24.07.2021: K68 & K23

Sunday, 25.07.2021: K43 & K10

Infos prestations :


K68 :

Départ : 24/07/2021 à 07h00
Lieu de départ : Davos Dénivelé + : 2606m
Lieu d'arrivée : Davos Dénivelé - : 2606m
Descriptif :

The trail leads through Dischma Valley, over the Scaletta and Sertig Pass, as well as the panoramic trail in between into Sertig Valley, and then over the Fanezfurgga to Monstein, and eventually back to the point of departure in Davos over Jatzmeder and Sfer Valley. A gem of a high-alpine route over four passes and eight valleys!

Tarif d'Inscription : 130 Euros
Les inscriptions Swissalpine Davos : K68
se font : En ligne, Sur place,

K43 :

Départ : 25/07/2021 à 07h00
Lieu de départ : Davos Dénivelé + : 1424m
Lieu d'arrivée : Davos Dénivelé - : 1424m
Descriptif :

The extremely popular mountain marathon is a classic. The trail leads through the charming valleys of Dischma and Sertig and over the former mule track over the Scaletta Pass and finally the Sertig Pass, where you descend past the beautiful Sertig Dörfli back to Davos.

Tarif d'Inscription : 95 Euros
Les inscriptions Swissalpine Davos : K43
se font : En ligne, Sur place,

K23 :

Départ : 24/07/2021 à 09h45
Lieu de départ : Klosters Dénivelé + : 629m
Lieu d'arrivée : Davos Dénivelé - : 282m
Descriptif :

The insider tip in the Swissalpine programme. It follows the earlier traces of the Walsers. The trail leads through a wildly romantic gorge over the Wolfgang Pass and finally past the breathtaking Lake Davos. A run for connoisseurs.

Tarif d'Inscription : 50 Euros
Les inscriptions Swissalpine Davos : K23
se font : En ligne, Sur place,

K10 :

Départ : 25/07/2021 à 09h30
Lieu de départ : Davos Dénivelé + : 163m
Lieu d'arrivée : Davos Dénivelé - : 163m
Descriptif :

This route is especially suitable for connoisseurs and supporters. The joint finish alongside world-class runners gives everyone a very unique feeling of happiness.

Tarif d'Inscription : 35 Euros
Les inscriptions Swissalpine Davos : K10
se font : En ligne, Sur place,
Gäuggelistrasse 20
7000 Chur (Suisse)
M. Manuela Grob
Tel : +41 81 258 40 27
Email : Contact

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